The pandemic has underscored the need for accessibility. We have moral and legal obligations to make our government accessible.

I will ensure accessibility and inclusion are at the forefront of the Port’s pandemic recovery and implementation plan.

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I grew up watching my mother juggle her job at SeaTac Airport to make ends meet. From a young age, I learned the value of hard work, determination and community service. I brought those values with me when I worked for the U.S. Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal to educate and support our communities navigate the everyday impacts of public policy. With my advocacy and leadership skills, we saved millions of dollars for residents and businesses across King County. I use these same skills in my work as an immigrant and refugee policy advisor for King County. And, now, I want to bring these values with me to the Port Commission. I’ve dedicated myself to public service, helping families, small businesses, and communities at the local and federal level. As we defeat covid-19, we need to make sure the port helps working families hit the hardest by the pandemic recover and thrive. With over a decade of experience and degrees from the University of Washington, I am ready to tackle the priorities listed below with the community.

Hamdi with group
Hamdi and Daud building homes

(1) Hamdi and her husband building homes for veterans
(2) Hamdi with King County Young Democrats

Hamdi, Daud Ali, Congresswoman Jaypal

(1) Hamdi, Congresswoman Jayapal, Daud
(2) Hamdi leading South King County COVID-19 testing event, photo taken by a friend



My priority is to provide everyone in our communities’ support and access to all the opportunities available. COVID-19 has created strife in our communities and we must take action to support all workers including small businesses, gig workers, and rideshare drivers. I am committed to investing in job creation, workforce programs and career advancement opportunities. Supporting small businesses by diversifying contracts at the Port is also key to our region’s success. We must do all we can to ensure our workers can return to work safely and work toward economic security for all.


As a lifelong South King County resident, I understand the challenges our airport cities face. Living within minutes of one of the busiest airports in our country, The effects of noise pollution, air pollution and traffic congestion significantly impact our community. I am committed to being an advocate at the local and federal level for continued research, technology advances and solutions that will support the health and well-being of our families, businesses and workers.


Sea-Tac airport is the entry point for most visitors and new residents to our State. I will ensure that everyone who passes through out airport can do so safely and without fear. I am committed to combatting the human trafficking crisis as well as protecting immigrant workers, residents and visitors. Civil liberties, economic growth and national security can be advanced without a political environment driven by fear.


It will be my priority to have a transparent and accessible government. This will include policies that will promote community engagement from stakeholders such as our small businesses, vendors, contractors, airport workers, and all who live here, including youth, individuals with disabilities and Black, Indigenous and Communities of Color (BIPOC). I will prioritize accessibility for individuals with disabilities and those from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


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